Our Elders:


Timothy Easley

Tim and his wife Jen have been with Sherman Bible Chapel since 2021. They have four children and live in Binghamton. Tim received his Master of Divinity at Evangelical Theological Seminary where he is currently in the dissertation phase of his Doctor of Theology. He has a desire to see all of God's people equipped in their faith as they depend on Christ and His Word.

Ralph Smith

Ralph and his wife Patti have been with Sherman Bible Chapel since 1994. An avid hunter, counsellor, builder, and a devoted man of prayer, Ralph continues to bless all those he serves. Ever the pursuer of virtue in his own life and home, Ralph brings a unique blessing to Sherman Bible in God-given wisdom and grace. 

Our Deacons:


Todd Bass

Todd and his wife Kerrie have been with Sherman Bible Chapel since 2006. Todd is a local business owner and a great fan of football. His perspective on the practical needs of the church is indispensable. Ever seeing his role as encourager and supporter of God's direction for our church, he carries himself with the grace befitting a servant.

Ken Macumber

Ken and his wife Jenn have been with Sherman Bible Chapel since 2010. Ken is a police officer with the City of New York and serves in the surrounding area. His seemingly limitless joy should not distract you from the seriousness with which he holds his responsibilities. He is a source of great counsel in the intricacies of church management.